"Show me the manner in which a nation cares for it's dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of it's people, their respect for the laws of the land and their loyalty to high ideals."

William Gladstone

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"Perpetual Care" means all general work necessary to keep the property in a presentable condition at all times. This includes cutting the grass, seeding or sodding of graves, replacement and pruning of shrubs and trees, and repair and maintenance of the enclosures, building, drives and walks.

First is the purchase price of the "right to use" the burial plot (unlike a real estate purchase, where you buy the land; here you are only purchasing what is called the "interment rights" to the land). These prices depend on the section of the cemetery that you choose. In addition, there are fees for the "opening" and "closing" of the gravesite for burial which is determined by whether it is for an adult, child, infant, or cremation, if it is during normal working hours, a weekend or a holiday. There's also fees associated with the purchase of a grave marker or memorial. You can always call our office for more information. 

Often decisions affecting your family are made together; unfortunately a sudden loss of a loved one can leave a lot of unanswered questions that can be emotionally and financially hard at a time of loss. Pre-planning can make a difference now by making those decisions together. Also, purchasing a cemetery lot today may save you from paying a higher rate in the future.

  • If you are paying for an at need burial, the opening and closing fee (and/or burial lot if it has not been previously purchased) has to be paid in full before the burial service.
  • If you are pre-purchasing a lot, you can pay in full or you have the option of making monthly payments. There is not a "set" amount that you have to pay down or a "set" amount monthly. 
  • If you are purchasing a grave marker, you can make payments if necessary. You have 4 years to pay on the marker, but we can't order or install the marker until it is paid in full.

The cemetery requirements are that it has to be a flat, bronze marker installed on a granite base. The only exception is in the newly developed area, "Garden of Reflections" where there is now an option between flat bronze or flat granite markers. You do not have to purchase from us, but if it is purchased from an outside provider, there is a form that needs to be completed and a fee to be paid to the cemetery depending on the size of the marker.

As long as there is a vase with your marker, a flower or anything that will fit inside the vase is acceptable. Nothing can be placed on the grave marker itself (such as decorations, figurines, etc). All grave markers are installed so that when our staff are cutting grass, the mowers can pass over the top of them for more efficient results. When there are decorations or objects there, it causes difficulty and we can not be responsible for those items.

Our business office is located at located at 214 O'Neal St., Belton, SC 29627. There is a representative there Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 5:00pm. Please call 864-338-1099 to make an appointment. Or you may contact us through this website. 

There are a number of options available, including:


  • You can make monthly payments on our grave markers. This will lock in the price for 4 years allowing you time and convenience. Once you have made your selection on the grave marker that you have chosen, we will sit down together and create your memorial and then complete a contract. There is no set amount that has to be paid down and you decide what is convenient for your monthly payments. The marker has to be paid in full before we can install it at the cemetery.
Lots (Grave Spaces)

  • The same applies here as for markers (Unless it is an "at need")
  • "At Need" or Purchase at the time of Burial - Must be paid in full at the time of arrangements or before actual burial is needed, along with the opening and closing fee. If you or your family have insurance policies and there is enough to cover the balance then we do allow this option.

You might choose ground burial of the urn. If so, you may usually choose either a bronze memorial or monument. Cremation niches in columbariums are also available at many cemeteries. They offer the beauty of a mausoleum setting with the benefits of above ground placement of remains. Many cemeteries also offer scattering gardens. This area of a cemetery offers the peacefulness of a serene garden where family and friends can come and reflect.

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